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Fresh Concept – Group Insurance Experts, is a unique and innovative firm in the field of group health insurance.
As a subsidiary of the Dr. Frishman Group, Fresh Concept has gained extensive knowledge and experience to become the market leader it is today.

In addition to Dr. Frishman, Fresh Concept includes insurance specialists and a team of experts, who are dedicated to one goal: drafting and managing the best group health insurance policies in Israel.

As a market leader, Fresh Concept manages all aspects of group insurance policies, beginning with data collection, organizational needs analysis and improvement of existing policies (when applicable), while maximizing the group’s purchasing power and drafting new optimal coverages for the firm’s clientele.

The firm specializes in numerous insurance fields, including health, long-term care, dentistry, income protection, personal accidents, critical illness, risk insurance (life and disability), travel insurance, as well as insurance for foreign workers and tourists.

A wide variety of companies and organizations are among the firm’s clients: financial corporations, start-up companies, government agencies, commercial and industrial enterprises, local authorities, academic institutions, etc.



Vision & Values



As a Firm – we are expanding and staying attentive to all developments in the insurance, healthcare, medical and legal fields.
As experts – we strive to remain knowledgeable in our respective areas of expertise, for the benefit of our clients.
As a market leader- we are well aware of our responsibility to take care of hundreds of thousands of clients, whilst providing peace of mind to managers and representatives of dozens of organizations in Israel.

Our values: service, teamwork, passion and vitality, expertise and versatility

  • Service – To provide outstanding service, comprehensive support, and the utmost attention and care to our clients.
  • Passion and vitality – Constantly managing new challenges in the fields of technology, law, economy, medicine and regulation. We strive to review and improve our coverages and to provide the most innovative policies in the market.
  • Expertise – Effective and efficient utilization of an extensive body of knowledge and experience, while developing new methodologies that give us a distinct advantage.
  • Versatility – Understanding and mapping the clients’ needs while keeping in close contact with the field of insurance, allowing us to select and customize the most suitable policy for each client.
  • Teamwork – Cooperation and personal commitment of all Firm employees towards the success and achievement of the Firm’s objectives.




Our Vision

Leading Team

fresh-concept staff

Dr. Udi Frishman

Dr. Udi Frishman, MD

Arik Ben-Ezra

Adv. Arik Ben-Ezra – CEO

Ronny Ashkenazy

Mr. Ronny Ashkenazy, M.H.A. – Deputy CEO

Mr. Gad Shapira

Mr. Gad Shapira – Actuary

Maya Yaacobian

Mrs. Maya Yaacobian – VP

Ehud Lifshitz

Mr. Ehud Lifshitz

Ilana Meir

Mrs. Ilana Meir

Dana Darchi

Adv. Dana Darchy

Bronya Yedidya

Bronya Yedidya

Our Services

  • Initial consultation with the organization, in order to establish the parameters for the best group insurance policy.
  • Adaptation of coverages most applicable to the specific organizational requirements, considering such factors as the number of employees, their profession and age characteristics.
  • Drafting the group policy, with specific attention to medical innovation, scope of treatments, timetables for performance and a robust service-level agreement (SLA).
  • Execution of an impartial tender between the leading insurance companies.
  • Insurers’ proposal analysis and clear presentation of the options to the client.
  • Conducting negotiations with the insurers on behalf of the client, aimed to improve the initial offers.
  • Drafting explanatory leaflets for the policyholders.
  • Providing assistance in the process of integrating the insurance policy in the organization, through conferences and presentations.
  • Conducting personal meetings with policyholders to compare the new organizational group policy with other policies they may hold.
  • Throughout the duration of the policy, examining the possibility of updating the policy terms in accordance with regulatory changes, as well as technological and medical developments.
  • Monitoring the efficiency and quality of the coverages, while keeping the clients posted and informed.
  • Consulting and assisting the clients with the realization of medical rights in conjunction with the National Insurance Institute, tax authorities, Ministry of Defense (in case of injury that occurred during military service), insurance companies, HMOs, etc.
  • Providing constant support to the clients throughout the period of insurance, representing the organization before the insurer, implementing claim data analysis and examining actuarial reports.
  • Providing consulting and support to the policyholders regarding complex health issues, as well as assisting with selecting the most suitable physician and/or a medical center, either in Israel or abroad.


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